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  • Rental Range
    Robust, efficient and silent.
    Prepared to work in demanding environments
    with the maximum guarantees. These are the
    generators of the Dagartech Rental Range.
  • Kits and frequently used options
    to customise a reliable, accessible and
    balanced standardgenerator for operations.
  • Generator sets designed for continuous use,
    and in multiple application contexts. Maximum
    quality standards and a high level of customisation,
    in order to meet your expectations.
  • Efficiency, long service life and a design conceived
    for intensive use. A wide range of models and
    equipment with which it will be very easy to
    configure and adapt your gasoline-powered
    generator to the use or application you need.
  • At Dagartech, we do not place any limits
    on your energy needs.
    Thus, we have developed a range
    that goes beyond 1,000 kVA.
  • So that you do not have to worry about a thing.
    So that any problem you may have
    is solved before it really becomes a problem.
    This is what we want and what we work
    for at the Dagartech After-Sales and Spare Parts Area.
  • At Dagartech, we approach each project
    as a new challenge in order to improve ourselves
    and exceed the expectations of our customers.
    Here you will find some of the outstanding projects that we have
    worked on and that we want you to know more about.

Dagartech, a company specialising in tailored energy solutions

No two projects are the same, nor are two generators the same. At Dagartech, we help you convert your needs into technical specifications, we design and manufacture your custom generator, and we accompany you throughout the process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Why choose Dagartech?

Generator sets made in EU

We design and manufacture our generators in Europe

High quality standards

We offer generator sets with the highest quality standards

Reliable and safe generator sets

We use components from leading brands that guarantee high reliability and safety

Customer Service (CS) always available

Fast after-sales service and advice provided by skilled professionals

Product ranges

Find out more about our generator sets

For each target application, for each type of use, for each need, Dagartech has developed a wide range of references in order to respond to the demands of our customers.

Do you need a generator set with special features?

If you need a custom generator with some unique features, or if you are still unclear about the type of generator you are looking for and need advice, please contact us and we will find the smartest energy solution for your specific circumstances.


Choose the generator that best suits the target application

Each field of application presents some singularities that we must take into account when we choose an electric generator. Hence, we suggest the smartest solution depending on the type of use of your machine.



Dagartech has designed and developed suitable generator sets for emergency use in various public spaces, such as schools or shopping centres.





Generator sets specially designed for use in industrial applications, such as the main source of energy supply or for emergency contexts.



Rental of machinery


We have a complete range of references especially designed for operation in machinery rental, in various fields of application.



Farming and Livestock


Dagartech has developed a complete range of generators (diesel air, water and tractor sets) in order to meet the needs of the farming sector.





There are times when failing is not an option. For these moments, we have designed high-quality generator sets that we offer to the hospital sector.





Generator sets specially designed for use in infrastructures. Aviation, railways or maritime sector are some of the relevant target areas.



We can still offer more featured applications to you.

Dagartech Headquartes featured image
About us

We are a European manufacturer of generators, internationally renowned, with knowledge and expertise in the power supply sector.

Our electric generators are the most visible result of our committed service to our customers: we offer a complete service of high added value, which ranges from the moment in which you pose to us the first challenge or need, until the generator sets are installed and at full capacity.

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