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Dagartech generator sets are designed and developed always bearing in mind the target application, the types of use of the machine and the demands and global trends of the power supply market and our customers.

Hence, we can offer a large number of standard references in generator sets that integrate the different Dagartech product ranges.

However, each project is different and presents unique features and needs that must be met in a fast, professional and optimal way.


At Dagartech, we are experts in offering integrated and custom energy solutions

Our work methodology

We listen to you

The first step is to understand what your needs, demands and circumstances are.

We design the smartest solution

We work on a solution that meets all the initially proposed conditions.

We manufacture your generator set

We manufacture your generator set within the highest quality standards.

Our process is transparent

We maintain a direct and constant contact with you throughout the project and conduct a follow-up.

Availability and service

Our After-Sales department and Spare Parts Area will always be available for any incident or need that may arise later.

Start thinking about what you need

If you are still not sure of the type of generator that can be the best option for you, we help you to know better the main items that will condition the performance of your electric generator.


What will the generator set be used for?

This is the first question that must be answered in order to start evaluating the options and selecting those alternatives that will best meet your needs.

The environment in which the generator set will be installed, as well as the environmental circumstances (adverse or extreme weather conditions, dust, noise, etc.) will considerably limit the performance of the machine, thus defining a large part of the technical specifications that the generator will have to comply with.

At Dagartech, we have worked on the design and development of generator sets for installation in very diverse application environments. We provide here some of the most relevant applications.



Dagartech has designed and developed suitable generator sets for emergency use in various public spaces, such as schools or shopping centres.





Generator sets specially designed for use in industrial applications, such as the main source of energy supply or for emergency contexts.



Rental of machinery


We have a complete range of references especially designed for operation in machinery rental, in various fields of application.



Farming and Livestock


Dagartech has developed a complete range of generators (diesel air, water and tractor sets) in order to meet the needs of the farming sector.





There are times when failing is not an option. For these moments, we have designed high-quality generator sets that we offer to the hospital sector.





Generator sets specially designed for use in infrastructures. Aviation, railways or maritime sector are some of the relevant target areas.



We can still offer more featured applications to you.


Do you need an open or soundproof generator?

Another important question that must be answered is if you need an open or soundproof generator set.

Going for an open or soundproof set will depend, to a large extent, on the allowed noise conditions at the installation site. Thus, if noise pollution rates are a critical factor to take into account, the natural decision will be to choose a soundproof set.

The weather and overall conditions of the environment in which the machine will be installed will also affect the choice of an open or soundproof generator set.

If you still have doubts about the type of generator you need, our technical and commercial team will help you make the best decision.

 Dagartech generator sets, open and soundproof
Dagartech generator sets, open and soundproof

At what frequency and voltage will the generator set work?

The frequency at which the generator is going to operate is not a factor that we can choose a priori. However, it must be taken into account when you buy a generator set.

In fact, the frequency is determined by the geographical area where the generator set will be installed. Thus in Europe there is a predominance of 50 Hz, whereas in the American continent 60Hz is much more used.

Conversely, frequency and voltage are interrelated factors, so that the voltage to which the machine will operate will also vary depending on the first factor. If you are in doubt about whether the frequency and voltage the generator you need will work, our technical and commercial team will help you.


A single-phase or three-phase generator?

In general, choosing a single-phase or three-phase generator will depend on whether the electric generator will work exclusively to supply power to a single machine or system - in this case a single-phase generator would be selected - or if you otherwise want to use the energy supplied by the generator to support multiple loads. In this last case, the power output of the electric generator will be split between three phases.

Therefore, you must opt for a type of generator set depending on the use or uses your generator will provide.

At Dagartech, we will also help you choose the most suitable one.


What power is required?

In order to know exactly the power output that your generator set must offer, you must estimate the electric energy consumption that will be used.

It will also be important to determine if the generator set will be used as the main source of energy – that is, it will work constantly - or if it will be used as an emergency system - to ensure that, in case of a power failure in the electricity grid, you will have an auxiliary power source. In the first case, we are talking about Prime Power (PRP) values, and in the second, Standby power supply (ESP) values.

At Dagartech, you will have the necessary advice in order to choose your power supply needs.


Which brand of engine and alternator to choose?

The engine and alternator are two of the essential components of a generator set.

Depending on the power output needed, the optimal engine and alternator combination must be selected to meet such demand. At Dagartech, we have generator sets with multi-brand alternators and engines from leading manufacturers.

Thus, we manage to adapt to the preferences of our customers and find the optimal components for each circumstance.

If you are still unsure about the type of engine or alternator that you prefer or need, our team will advise you to make the best decision.

Engines used in Dagartech generator sets: Perkins, Kohler, Volvo, Iveco, Doosan, Cummins.
Engines used in Dagartech generator sets: Perkins, Kohler, Volvo, Iveco, Doosan, Cummins.
Alternators used in Dagartech generator sets: Stamford and MeccAlte.
Alternators used in Dagartech generator sets: Stamford and MeccAlte.

Can you choose the colour of your generator set and customise it?

Although we have a wide range of models with standard colours at Dagartech, we offer our customers the option to customise their generator set to the last detail: cabin colour, customisation using logos, stickers and graphics are some of the details you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

Dagartech custom generator sets.
Dagartech custom generator sets.

Do you need a generator set with special features?

If you need a custom generator with some unique features, or if you are still unclear about the type of generator you are looking for and need advice, please contact us and we will find the smartest energy solution for your specific circumstances.