Dagartech generator sets bring power to the Spanish high-speed rail network

Dagartech has had the opportunity to participate in the construction project of the AVE Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián, providing service to the tunnel boring machine that is being used to enlarge the Gaintxurizketa tunnel.


The needs of the client

  • Installation to guarantee the supply of electrical energy to a construction site which will feed the typical loads and which will above all serve a high-performance tunnel boring machine.
  • Design robust and reliable equipment to ensure uninterrupted power supply on site, etc.
  • Provide an optimal fuel consumption level, by designing an efficient installation.
  • Design the generating sets taking into account their context of application, so as to respect the noise levels and adaptation to the environmental regulations for an installation of this kind.
  • Reduce and optimise as much as possible the maintenance and replacement tasks.

This is a demanding project in which it is key that the generating sets work under the influence of severe weather conditions, long operating periods with optimum performance, outstanding reliability, low maintenance and optimum safety conditions.

Dagartech generator sets for public works, roads and infrastructures are designed to meet the needs of ongoing electrical power supply associated with this type of work with a robust design and top brand components that meet all these requirements and guarantee numerous work cycles without maintenance operations.

The Dagartech solution

    Dagartech’s engineering team has designed 2 Rental generating sets that adapt to the specific needs of this project.

    Specifically, has installed two 400 kVA DGVR 400 ST synchronised generator sets, equipped with the latest technology and EUIIIA emissions certification.


Related success stories

4,800 kW of Dagartech power guarantees the maintenance of the Tuxpan Thermoelectric Power Plant, Mexico

4,800 kW of Dagartech power guarantees the maintenance of the Tuxpan Thermoelectric Power Plant, Mexico

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