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Why choose Dagartech as your spare parts supplier?

Choosing the generator that best suits your needs is as important as knowing how to select the most suitable spare parts so that it continues to function as on the first day.

At Dagartech, we have a department dedicated exclusively to advise, sales and assistance in replacements and spare parts. The mission of our replacements and spare parts department is to extend the useful life of your generator set, guaranteeing that it operates safely and efficiently, as well as significantly improving its efficiency and performance.

Hence, at Dagartech we have a wide selection of engines, alternators, filters and components of leading brands that have the highest standards of quality in the market.


Dagartech spare parts catalogue


From the Dagartech Spare Parts Area, we supply all types of spare parts for the maintenance and commissioning of generator sets. In our Dagartech 2018 spare parts catalogue, you will find a selection of components for your electric generator.