Generator sets for diverse industrial applications, as a main source of power supply or for emergency operation.


The industrial sector is extremely broad and heterogeneous. This means that each industry has its own unique characteristics and very different needs. The food, chemical and textile industries are just some of the areas covered by this sector, for which we have completed a wide range of energy projects.

Energy needs in the industrial sector

The type of operation, the nature of the loads present in industry or the way in which they coexist will condition the most suitable product range and motorisation, as well as the specific equipment with which the generator set needs to be equipped. Generally speaking, the following needs of the industrial sector can be assumed to be common:

Ongoing energy supply

Industry often demands equipment that is ready to provide an ongoing energy supply, for peak shaving or as emergency power in the industrial sector.

Long periods of operation

Prolonged use of the generator set when it is used as the main source of power supply. They require high autonomy, especially if the equipment is to work continuously.

High commitment applications

Quality generator sets with top-brand components, which minimise failure and uncertainty.

Monitoring and maintenance

Industries need information that enable them to optimise its maintenance tasks and make decisions about its machines. An optimised and accessible design facilitates these maintenance tasks.

Generator sets for industrial applications

Find out about the generator sets that best meet the needs of this field of application.

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