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Each project in the energy sector is different. However, there are a number of features shared by some of them.

Generators intended for use in the construction sector, for instance, will not operate in the same working conditions as those installed to meet the energy needs of the telecommunications sector.

Therefore, at Dagartech, we work on developing generators that can meet the needs that arise in different fields of application, by analysing the complete life cycle of the machine and the conditions of use that arise in each circumstance.

Below, we show you the main fields of application for which Dagartech has designed and developed custom product ranges and energy projects.

Main target applications

Here, we present the main target applications for which we have developed different projects:



Dagartech has designed and developed suitable generator sets for emergency use in various public spaces, such as schools or shopping centres.





Generator sets specially designed for use in industrial applications, such as the main source of energy supply or for emergency contexts.



Rental of machinery


We have a complete range of references especially designed for operation in machinery rental, in various fields of application.



Farming and Livestock


Dagartech has developed a complete range of generators (diesel air, water and tractor sets) in order to meet the needs of the farming sector.





There are times when failing is not an option. For these moments, we have designed high-quality generator sets that we offer to the hospital sector.





Generator sets specially designed for use in infrastructures. Aviation, railways or maritime sector are some of the relevant target areas.





The residential range is one of the fields of application for which Dagartech has designed generator sets for installation in residential areas.





Several projects have been carried out at Dagartech to meet the energy needs of the hotel industry with tailored solutions for each case.





The generators for use in the construction sector must have unique features, to which Dagartech responds by offering a wide range of sets.



Did you find what you were looking for? Not yet?

If you have already found the component you were looking for and want to request a quote, or if you need our team to advise you and help with the choice of a component, or even have a problem with your generator set and need help, contact us and we will find the solution.