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Lanzamiento de nuestra Gama Portátil

DAGARTECH launches his Portable range

DAGARTECH added to its range of products the Portable Range with Honda engine, covering a power range from 2,4 to 15 kVA.

Within this new segment, Dagartech offers to the market 5 ranges with different equipments to fit every customer needs depending on their use and application. These ranges are:

  • Basic Range: Especially suitable for professional applications that demand a simple design, reliable, efficient and long service life.
    • Models: DGH 3000 B, DGH 4000 B, DGH 5000 B, DGH 8000 B, DGH 8 TF B
  • Professional Range: Professional applications of high demand and intensive use are in the Professional range, the right product for the development of your activity. Large capacity fuel tank and optional control panel with IP 67 sockets are its main attributes.
    • Models: DGH 5000 P, DGH 8000 P, DGH 8 TF P
  • Construction Range: The Construction sector, working conditions, demands products with high standard equipment that minimize transaction costs. Fuel tank large capacity, electrical panel with IP 67 sockets and more powerful alternator allow more efficient use of the generating set.
    • Models: DGH 6000 C, DGH 9000 C, DGH 9TF C
  • Residential Range. Higher electrical power and the ability to incorporate different automation, make the Residential Range a product that combines different electrical configurations with the reliability and security demanded by the professional user.
    • Models: DGH 5000 R, DGH 8000 R, DGH 12000 R, DGH 8 TF R, DGH 12 TF R, DGH 15 TF R
  • Welding Range: Practical, versatile, easy to use, the welder Dagartech becomes the ideal for environments without electrical energy equipment. By design, also it can work as a generator but not simultaneously with the welding function.
    • Models: DGHW 200, DGHW 220 

Efficiency, long life and designed for intensive use, make of the Dagartech portable range with gasoline engine, the right product for each customer.

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