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Three-phase soundproofed generator set from our Rental Plus range. It is equipped with power sockets and a Rental Plus Kit. Its bench and canopy are made of high-resistance galvanized steel. It also includes other features which make it the perfect choice for demanding contexts and continuous power demands.

This generator is specially designed for its use in rental applications in various fields, such as events, mining, construction or military applications. See below what this rental generator set can offers you.

*Illustrative image
  • Dimensions (mm)
  • Weight (Kg)
  • Fuel tank (l)
  • Voltage
    400/230 V
  • Frequency
    50 Hz
  • 1500r.p.m
  • Water cooled
  • Fuel
  • Version
  • CE Conformity

Technical specifications

Generator set with Kohler engine and Stamford alternator.

This soundproofed generator set from the Rental Plus range includes:

Mechanical equipment

  • Electro-welded canopy made of high-strength galvanized steel, and painted with electrostatic powderbased epoxy-polyester paint.
    • Interior soundproofing with acustical and fireproof isolating rock wool.
    • Efficient residential exhaust for the evacuation of gases to the outside with rain cap.

      Tested in saline mist chamber according to the ASTM B-117-09 standard, 720h resistance. Mechanical protection degree IP44.

  • Electro-welded bench made of high-strength steel and painted with epoxy-polyester powder-based electrostatic paint. It also includes anti-vibration dampers.

    Tested in saline mist chamber according to the ASTM B-117-09, 500h resistance.

  • 105-litre fuel tank.
  • Measuring gauge and a fuel installation to the engine.

Electrical equipment

  • Control panel

    • Protection devices and distribution with a Deep Sea Electronics control module:DSE 3110.
    • Emergency stop button.
    • Protections:
      • 4-pole circuit breaker protection against overloads and short circuits.
      • Protection fuses for the control set.
    • Protection switch -Chint 32A 4P.

Rental Plus Kit

The Rental Plus Kit is included withing the scope of supply. It includes:

  • High performance fuel separator filter.
  • It includes the following power sockets combination:
    • 1 x Schuko.
    • 1 x 16A 3P+N+T.
    • 1 x 32A 3P+N+T.

If you would like to know the complete scope of supply of this generator set, please download the following technical data sheet. Do you need more info? Do you have any doubts? Contact us.

General technical data Engine KOHLER KDI 1903M Stage V
Alternator STAMFORD S0L2-G
Performance class G2
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 400/230 V
Control card DSE 3110 CONTROL CARD
Fuel tank (l) 105
Power ESP Power (kVA / KW) 19 / 16
PRP Power (kVA / KW) 18 / 15
Would you like more information? Technical datasheet or Request information }

Standard equipment


The Deep Sea Electronics control card DSE 3110 can be utilised as a manual or auto start module for single gen-set applications or engine only applications.

The module has been designed to work with electronic and non-electronic engines, providing advanced engine monitoring and protection features.

The DSE 3110 includes a back-lit icon LCD display which clearly shows the status of the engine at all times. The module monitors engine speed, frequency, voltage and engine run hours and also displays the warning and shutdown status.

The module includes fixed and flexible outputs as well as configurable inputs making this product ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The module can either be programmed using the front panel or by using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software.

DSE 3110 MKII Control Card for Dagartech gensets

Readings allowed by the control card

DSE 3110 MKII Control Card for Dagartech gensets
Turning speed
Battery voltage
Hours counter
Genset voltage
Genset frequency
Alarm detected
Start-up failure
High coolant temperature
Low oil pressure
Over/Low speed engine
Charging alternator failure
Low fuel level
High/Low battery voltage
High/Low generator voltage
High/Low generator frequency
External emergency stop
Communication error
Internal memory error

The genset response to a fully configurable alarm is available via DSE 3110 software.

Would you like more information about the control card? Deep Sea Electronics DSE 3110 technical datasheet

Other standard equipment

1500 water cooled Kohler engine

1500 water cooled Kohler engine

Complying EU Stage V emissions

Complying EU Stage V emissions

Rental Plus Kit

Rental Plus Kit

Electro-welded canopy made of high-strength galvanized steel

Electro-welded canopy made of high-strength galvanized steel

Central lifting beam

Central lifting beam

Radiators ready to be working up to 50ºC

Radiators ready to be working up to 50ºC

Optional equipment

This generator set from our Rental Plus Range includes the following optional equipment:

    Engine - alternator options

    • Electronic regulation (gensets equipped with mechanical regulation as a standard).
    • Automation kit for network operation failures (boiler + battery charger)..
    • 6 way fuel valve kit.
    • Supersilent Kit.
      • It includes: heavy mass - alternator and high attenuation exhaust -50 dB (A).
          With this SuperSilent kit you can reduce the noise levels up to 2 dB (A).
    • Viscofan (standard scope of supply for some VOLVO references).
    • Glow Plugs.
    • AVR - interior electric box.
    • Alternator impregnation systems 3 (spray) and 4 (superior).
    • Sleeves exhaust protections.
    • 50/60Hz selector (generator sets with electronic regulation).
    • 24h-authonomy fuel tank with retention bath.
    • Sensor on retention bund warning when spillage.
    • Earth pin.
    • Galvanized skid.
    • Customize your machine with the RAL color you need. Ask for other customization options.

Communication options

  • Deep Sea 890 webnet.
  • DSE 8610 Synchronism Module.
  • IG-NT Synchronism Module.
  • Transportation options

  • Trailer, straight boom work DIN Ø40.
  • Trailer, approved straight boom work DIN Ø40.
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    Would you like more information? Technical datasheet or Request information

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